Heaven is Wonderful, But …

Those who belong to Christ Jesus are no longer under God’s sentence.

Romans 8:1-2 (NIRV)

I am now controlled by the law of the Holy Spirit. That law gives me life because of what Christ Jesus has done. It has set me free from the law of sin that brings death.

Something that God’s been impressing on my so strong of late. It seems that so much focus is given to the gift of life eternal though Jesus sacrifice. Yes that is a wonderful gift, and truly greatest gift handed to us by our savior.  But I think sometimes we focus so strong on that gift that we fail to recognize the daily blessing that walking the walk gives us.

In a moment of quiet meditation a few weeks ago it hit me so very strong. Even if there were no eternal reward waiting for us, I would walk with Christ because being his decuple gives daily blessings that world can’t even come close to. It is that daily walk, the richness of joy, and the blessing God showers on us daily that make life in the light of his love so fulfilling TODAY and tomorrow.

When worldly troubles surround me and I feel the onslaught of evil and the pain of this world; his strength holds me fast, his peace soothes my spirit, and his love carries me though.  So that as those clouds part and sky opens in my path the bounty of joy is immeasurable.

Yes, I want heaven and I want to see Jesus.  But I will cherish every day I walk in the his spirit below and rejoice in the blessings he gives me daily.

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