Becoming Christians

I often like to think of myself as not really Christian (Christ-like) but more ‘becoming’ Christian.  With Jesus as our template for behavior, service, love, and our goal of being more and more like our savior day by day ‘Becoming Christian’ makes sense.

There should never be one day we come to the point where we feel like we have ‘made it’, we have accomplished our end goal to be more like the Lord.  The verse I came across today underscores this.

Luke 9:23 (NIRV) 

Then he said to all of them, “If anyone wants to follow me, he must say no to himself. He must pick up his cross every day and follow me. 

So daily we are to deny our carnal nature ‘say no’ to our selfish desires.  Pick up our cross… Take up those burdens and those things we are charged do in our walk in the Lord and ‘follow’ Christ… Become like Christ, be where he leads us, do what he wishes us to do, become the people God wants us to be as the light of Christ.

So while the first step is indeed to accept God’s gift to us and let the blood of Jesus wash away our sin’s, the Lord wants us to follow him and take up that effort daily. Becoming Christian!

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