Want To See Jesus

Leaving the church this morning a familiar feeling was running through me.  Not really wanting worship to be concluded and thinking about how many days, hours, and minutes stood between that moment and when we would reassemble as a congregation to worship once again.  This scripture passage really says it.

Psalm 42:1 (NIRV)

A deer longs for streams of water. God, I long for you in the same way. 

You probably see this same thing in your own walk the Lord, as I did leaving the sanctuary today. It may well take on different manifestations.

• With each bit of inspiration by the word of God you anticipate the next one.
• With ever song of praise you want to sing a chorus of Hallelujah’s.
• With ever discovery in study of the scripture you are ready to dig for more.
• You find yourself eager to hear of what the next sermon series coming up is.
• And yes, every time you leave the fellowship of fellow believers, be it church, social event, or just running across a brother or sister at the store;
you can’t wait till the next chance to share.

We hunger for the God, the same way as the deer longs for that refreshing stream of water and consequently we take joy in all things that allow us to draw closer.

Makes me think of a hymn I love so very much:
  Open our eyes, Lord 
  We want to see Jesus 
  To reach out and touch Him 
  And say that we love Him 
  Open our ears, Lord 
  And help us to listen 
  Open our eyes, Lord 
  We want to see Jesus

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