Amanda Channell

I grew up in a loving, Christian home. I was an only child and had a very close relationship to both of my parents. As a child, I had severe allergies and migraines, so I spent a lot of my younger childhood years in and out of doctor’s offices.

I attended Morgan Academy, in Selma, from K-7th grade. I was on the dance team and also a cheerleader during these years. I did not enjoy going to school at all, matter of fact, my dad used to have to park and walk me in to make me go!! Around 6th grade, I started getting into some trouble, and hanging out with the wrong crowd.

We would go to church occasionally, and I was involved in youth group on Wednesday nights, mainly because I wanted to hang out with my friends!! I had a great relationship with my grandmother and when I would visit her she would always read from her Bible to me and talk about Jesus, so at 13 after talking with our pastor, I asked Jesus into my heart and was baptized. No one ever told me or showed me how I was supposed to live for Him after that, so I continued to live the way I wanted.

After getting in some more trouble when I was in 7th grade, my parents moved me to another private Christian school in Selma, thinking I would make some new friends and stay out of trouble! I actually did and made some really good friends!! At 17, I fell in love with an older guy who was a youth pastor and a really good guy……

I completed High School, and moved to Montevallo in 1999 to attend the University. There, I majored in Business Management. I was the typical college kid and lived as I wanted! I was a good person, but didn’t understand that I needed more.

In 2001, I married that love that I met at 17, we had a good life and in 2004, Wes was born and what a blessing he has been!! December 2005, my whole world came crashing down out of now where! Our life got rocked when the “Love” had an affair and abandoned Wes and I. Looking back, that was the biggest blessing… I didn’t see that at the time, but God did, and He knew bigger and better things were coming. I carried on, dated off and on, but in 2007, God sent me my one true love! The man that has made me a better person!!! We got married very soon after meeting and November of that year, our sweet little girl, Hailey was born, and she completed our family!!

Live was good.. or so we thought! We drank, argued occasionally when we drank, we knew we were not living like we should, and knew that something was missing!!

Then, in 2011, after several years battling severe sinus infections, I went in for a “simple” sinus surgery. It was anything but simple!!  Our world got turned upside down. I coded 3 time on the operating table, was in ICU for several days and had a 3 week hospital stay. They discovered several blood clots in my lungs, the doctors told Lane that medically I should have never survived that, but God was in control and He Had bigger plans!! What a wake-up call!! God knew that I was just too stubborn for a subtle wake up call, so he definitely got my attention this way!! Lane called pastor Bruce when I was in ICU and I woke up as he was praying over us!! That was when our life turned around and we knew we needed Jesus, our kids needed us!!! We started attending Hope Church and then moved to Crossbridge, dedicated our lives to Jesus and got baptized together, and here we are today!!! Our life is by no means perfect, we aren’t perfect, our kids aren’t perfect, but we have a personal relationship with the one who is!! That is Jesus and he save us and he can save you!

No longer do I depend on alcohol to help me deal with stress; I read my bible, call a Christian friend, and pray!!! Not only have I become a better person, wife, mom, daughter, and friend, but our family is better!!

Now, I see our kids following Jesus and living for Him and what a blessing that is!!

Also, I am not afraid of death anymore and for years that was a huge fear of mine! I know now that I will live forever with Jesus in heaven!! I hope this inspires you to not only seek the lord, but to live for Him, have a personal relationship with Him and share His Word!! If it was not for Jesus, our family, church family, and friends, I would not be near as strong in my Christian walk as I am!! We are blessed!!

There are so many women in this church who have helped guide me and mold me into who I am!  My wonderful mother-in-law donna (she has seen the good , the bad and the ugly), Kelly Riley, Sue Acton, Jenny Cook, Deanna Grimes, and Lindy Tubbs!! You ladies are a true example of what a woman should be and to you all, I am thankful!!

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