Today I Ponder – Background Checks

This weekend was perhaps one of the most relaxing weekends I’ve had in some time. The new job on the horizon, and now able to contemplate better, the next steps God would have for me, left me with little more to consider than the typical background check that is done these days with every new job.

Any employer of any size these days wants to know ‘who’ they are hiring.

It’s part of ‘due diligence’ to perform a solid background check on anyone they are bringing into their ranks.

The intensity of these checks vary a great deal. Some, do little more than check legal records to verify that this individual isn’t a felon or sexual predator. While in other cases, like when they are checking for clearance for Top Secret clearance; the investigation, will include interviews with people you’ve known or have had contact with you in the past.

In my case, I’m not the least bit worried about what they will find. I have high confidence that I will clear the background check without any difficulty.

But as my thoughts lightly grazed over the last things before, I am given my ‘start date’; I consider what might turn up if this were one of those more background checks that had a higher level of scrutiny.

It’s there that the thought hit me; would that check come back to my future employer, “Christian!”?  Would the examination of my life and background, tell them not just who I was, but who I lived for and who I served?

My hope is that this would be the case. That an investigation of me, would turn up Jesus in my past. This probe into my character would disclose ‘Jesus living in me’! That my new employer could clearly see that I was going places and most notably Heaven!

Yes, if they dug a little I think they would find this all true. If not, then I need to be focusing more on Christ.

We all should want our background checks to come back stamped ‘CHRISTIAN’ across the front.


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