Today I Ponder – Neen (Loving Sister)

I got the call from my brother Al, about an hour and a half ago. Our sister Neen (Noreen) had passed on, to her heavenly reward.

Even though, she never fully recovered from a debilitating stroke, that she suffered; she still conveyed her spirit, every bit as she always had, regardless of an extremely limited means of communication, that the stroke left her to deal with.

Neen is my ‘Big Sis’. She is the oldest of four siblings. That doesn’t tell the whole story, because she was ‘Big Sis’ to each child, that entered mom and dad’s home. We had plenty of little hearts, that thrived in our home.

Just as mom and dad were consistently willing to take in another and love them with the same love they had for the four of us; Neen shared that compassion and became the ‘Big Sis’ for every one of them.

In the brief time since I learned of her passing, I’ve pondered the amazing spirit that Neenee (as I grew up knowing her by) possessed. Regardless of the state of things, no matter how she felt; she was giving, loving, creative, witty and compassionate.

To Neen, everything was a component, that could be crafted, into something lovely.

I never asked her straight up about this, but I suspect she felt the same about people, as she did about the inanimate objects, which she assembled into some of the most amazing creations.  I believe, she simply felt that every person contributed to a beautiful mosaic; they only needed to find their correct position in the mosaic, to reveal the beauty within.

And she was always ready and willing to help them find that perfect position, regardless if she fully understood the complexities of a person’s situation or not; she was there to encourage and support them finding their way.

As I consider the complete package, I think one word encompasses her persona best; that would be the word ‘grace’. Neen would be the last one you would be able to convince, that ‘she’ exhibited grace, but she did; much grace.  That grace, was the nucleus from which, all the other attributes she possessed, were exhibited.

The other singular thing, that one would take away from an encounter with Neen, was that if you were truly in her presence for any length of time, you felt joy and invariably, found it almost impossible not to walk way without a heart that was smiling.

Yes, today I ponder Neen; my big sis!  I love you! It is sad to see you go, but at the same time; I am thrilled to know, you’re home now, with Jesus. Home with Him and all of those, you love so, who went before you. Say hey for me! Tell the others, I’ll be home soon!


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  1. I have loved Neen since I was a kid. We used to sing together at New Hope. She had a rich beautiful voice. I felt sad when that stroke debilitated her. I know she was both frustrated and determined to keep going on. Now she is whole and complete. She is singing again with her family and God. Love you, Neen.

  2. She really was a wonderful sounding board to me personally. Woman full of wisdom, that I would just try to absorb her words. Glad she is with Paul again, n doesn’t have to be confined to this earthly home anymore. Prayers to her family

    1. Tears of joy this morning reading your note Dawn. Susan’s and your reflections, of your relationship with our Big Sis, warms my heart so. It gives me that familiar ‘NeeNee’ smile.
      God Bless!

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