Today I Ponder – Transitions

Just back to my youngest sisters home after we attended my older sisters memorial service. It was a beautiful service. A tribute to my Big Sis, her life, and her love of the Lord.

These kind of transitions are not the easiest to make but we do. I want to take a moment to ponder what this transition, and all the others we go through in our short life span, means to us. See how it affects us, and see where we are left after the transition is over.

Transitions – What are they?

We have numerous transitions throughout our life time. Birth, first day of school, graduation from High School, marriages, our children and their many mile stones each one a new transition. For Christians, the moment we surrender our lives to Jesus, who gave His life, so we might live with Him, eternally. And ultimately the death of those we love.

I likely missed a few in there, but the main thing I want us to wrestle with is that these are all transitions and while some demand a change in our routine and behavior, others a momentous, but not as impactful.

My transition today, was shared with my family and friends and while the passing of a loved one doesn’t necessarily dictate, a change of course, doubling of resolve, or cessation of actions; I believe that considering ones life in the light of such a transition, provides infinite premise from which to plot our path forward.

New Year’s resolutions, and Birthday commitments aside, examination of self, in the light of the loss of a loved one, is impactful.

I look back on Neen’s life and I see someone who, I have always looked up to. I have seen her over the years hold her tongue when she had every right to stand up and shout her case. A case which was just and yet, she choose to remain silent and consider the other party and pray that they find the fault in their own position, rather than requiring someone else to point it out to them.

She was, long suffering in that regard. Considering others positions ahead of her own. She could know without a doubt that she was correct, but would choose to provide the other party ample latitude to find their way. She did this often with a smile and knowing eyes that shouted, look deeper within, without saying a single word.

I understand what in her passing, my sister would be telling me in this transition. I can almost hear sis saying, “Here is my life. I lived in the manner I was directed by God to live. You have your own life, and God wants you to live that life for Him, in every way you can conceive of; live your live as one who is obedient to His will.

I know this isn’t an ‘Oh wow!’ message. However, consider it a transition message. When you get married to a spouse, you no longer live only for yourself, you’re obligation, is to live for the one that you are committed too.

When you commit your life to Jesus Christ, your life is not your own, you have committed that life to the service of the Lord and this means that we relinquish personal embellishment and seek that which is directed by the Holy Spirit.

So, Neen’s passing signals a continued commitment, to those things which I have already dedicated myself too. This transition refocuses my resolve to remain in the ‘True Vine’ and attend to those things which are in submission to God’s will and in tune with what the Holy Spirit is teaching me.


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