Today I Ponder – New Beginnings

Today I Ponder – New Beginnings

The waiting is over. Tonight, I sit here pondering the new job I start tomorrow morning.  It represents a lot of things that are new. Interestingly enough, it at the same time represents a lot of those things that a common and familiar.

Rarely do we experience anything truly new. The common state of new, is reapplication of our past experience, in a ‘new’ setting. That is, precisely what I anticipate with stepping into this ‘new role’.

I expect that I will be asked to do things that while they are uniquely different than anything I’ve ever done before, maintain components that are echoes of my past. What really excites me about this new job, is the very fact that, I anticipated it challenging me. One thing that engages my interest more than anything else; that is to be presented with an obstacle for which there is no ‘standard’ means of addressing it.

I take the greatest joy and satisfaction, in finding a way through, around, over, under, or otherwise bypass the obstruction completely.

It dawns on me that, this is how we often see God working in our lives. Where we see a solid wall. When we can not see a way to pass over it or around it. At the point we find ourselves with no means to pierce the ground to go under it; we are faced with the immovable, impassible impasse, to that which we are called to.

These are the times when, as a Christian, our faith is tested. These last couple weeks have been exactly that; a big test. A chance to find myself feeling threatened, so that I could find comfort in the arms of God’s providence.  A chance to say to The Good Shepherd, “I know you’re here and I trust in your protection and guidance”.  An opportunity, to put into practice, all that which I have been taught by the Holy Spirit, that tells me that the one that created heaven and earth, has my best interest at heart and He knows exactly what I am feeling or will feel before the moment comes.

It is these times, that God demonstrates His power through our weakness, and vaporizes the barrier before us. In a stunning flash of events, we are transported beyond the obstruction and the path is made clear, leading forward.

In my case, these issues were mostly financial; having to do with paying the bills with income slashed to roughly 10% of what, we normally had coming into the household, and the troubling issues that come up when the health insurance you  depend on is going away, and you just don’t see a way to cover the full expense of those required services and prescriptions, that beset you the older you get.

Did I try to come up with solutions? I did for the most part, but I wouldn’t take credit for the results even if my attempts to find a solution would have resulted in a solution. That would have to be attributed to God’s hand at work and ‘showing me’ the obvious He was sitting in front of me.  No, my efforts to seek a solution, I am much more comfortable, to consider to be an attempt to observe what God may have been doing on my behalf.

The problem is, we can’t anticipate God’s direction in our lives.  We may have educated guesses, but we cannot comprehend the thoughts of God. We get glimpses and fragments of light, that manage to escape their containment in the presence of the Almighty. But, we must be looking for it.  If we don’t, we are not likely to see His hand at work.

So, the new between God and me? A new appreciation, for his grace and blessings. A new understanding, of how he wants to be involved, in my welfare, and will be, if I simply surrender the outcomes to Him and keep an eye out for His hand in action around me.

All of this ‘new’ is nothing more than a reinvestment in the trust I gave Jesus when I surrendered my life to Him. It’s the same trust, it’s just being applied to a different, ‘new’, challenge. This ‘new’ is realizing that I control very little and walking away knowing that I’m truly okay with that.

Therefore, this time off the job, is very similar to the new job; it’s all new, but at the same time, the same base challenges, and investments. Simply, elevated to a new segment of my journey.

My paraphrased 23rd Psalm:

The Lord IS my Good Shepherd.
I shall not want a thing.
He make me lay down in lush meadows, beside waters that flow smoothly.
He directs me in His ways of His Righteousness, to glorify Him.
Regardless of the threats against my life, I will not be fearful of the evil around me;
His staff pulls me close to the protection afforded me by His ever diligent club.
He prepares my sustenance right before my eyes; while in clear view of those that are against me.
His healing, flows over my head, and extends to every part of me.
Without a doubt, His goodness and loving mercies will be with me every day of my life and I will abide with Him in His home and care for all eternity.

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