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Fresh Air…

Well I took the leap… I have been threatening to get a MacBook Air and I finally broke down and did it. I guess tomorrow morning I will find out just how well it works for posting to the blog site, because this test isn’t going to be a very good test really. 

I was feeling handicapped by the tablet because even if I would edit the site with a browser the navigation was impossible to deal with. I was looking for a portable publishing platform that I could post articles from anywhere, whenever it struck me.

This should lead to more posting under the ‘Pondering’s’ category and everything else.

The thing that I was most striving for was to have a good platform for writing my book(s) now and moving forward. Something that could go with me wherever I happen to be. Something that would give me a simple and comprehensive means of documenting thought as ideas were imparted to me.

I’ve had lots of ideas but those ideas just didn’t stay with me till I got back to my desk all the time. The new laptop should do that.

Light enough to go along where I go; powerful enough to do the heavy lifting, regardless of if I”m writing volumes or just a few paragraphs.

Immediate thought is that this is going to work out just wonderful… but then most new things often seem that way and later prove to be less than what initial expectations had anticipated.

In regard to the MacBook Air and my writing; we shall see.


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