Today I Ponder – Directions

Today I Ponder – Directions

I’m early for work which is my normal routine.  I like to relax, and ponder my day, reflect on yesterday, and see if I can figure out the direction that God is plotting for me today.

Directions – It is a marvelous blessing for the believer to not have to be concerned about what the next step is constantly. At the same time surrendering control over that very thing is perhaps the most difficult challenge before every believer.

The tendency to want to take things into our own hands and run ahead of God, is real and strong in us.  You might even say that it is ‘in our nature’ to do this. Because it is.

We are born in corruption, in a corrupt world.  It is only by the Grace of our Savior that we can be set free from the bondages we are laced with from our first breath.

I once heard someone comment that a new born baby cry’s at birth, because it has been removed from the womb of it’s mother and simultaneously exposed to the world.

While this is not necessarily sound medical or scientific reasoning, it does cause you to ponder a bit, just what that experience really is like for the newborn child. The practice of placing the child on the mothers chest as soon as possible to calm  them suggests that there. may be something too this; as the baby so often quiets it pleadings and listens to the familiar heartbeat of their mother.

As Christians, when we ‘turn our lives over’ to Christ Jesus, we surrender ourselves.  If that is what we truly have done, then our lives are no longer our own, the belong to Jesus.  He has paid the price for us with His blood. Therefore, our destination is assured.  The ‘direction’ of the path we are lead to really is nothing more than a curiosity for us.

He IS the Good Shepard. He will and does lead; if we are truly His and have really surrendered.  The direction is only significant to us to understand that He is with us. He is in us. And He will never forsake us.

Directions… Time to get going don’t you think?


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