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June 18th, 2019

a secular impression of Christians insists, they are inherently narrow minded. The line we hear from many of our distracters, is that it is pretty arrogant to say that there is only one way to salvation.

Many new age concepts want to say that there are a good number of paths to what they define as God and it really doesn’t matter which one you pick, so long as you choose one.

Agnostics like to use this to their favor as well because the concept that there are multiple pathways to a relationship with a supreme being is really not broad-minded thinking but rather an architecture laid out so that once we succumb to this multiplicity, they only have their ONE way by which they wish to lead their lives.

Israel had an issue with this back in the Old Testament.

In those days Israel had no king. Each man did what he considered to be right.

Judges 21:25 (NET)

This is the ultimate goal of the multiplicity crowd. It’s not to say that we all have our own way, but rather to say that if you logically resolve there are multiple ways, then you can’t denounce MY WAY because my way is every bit as valid as the next case.

There is a way that seems right to a person, but its end is the way that leads to death.

Proverbs 14:12 (NET)

The problem is that our physical makeup is finite. Within this finite existence is something that is infinite and everlasting; the soul of man.

But because we are physically finite, our thinking is limited, and our abilities are restricted by parameters we can push against but can’t break through; we gauge everything in our existence based on a set of very narrow requirements.

This can’t be so because that law of physics prevents it.  You can’t live like that because it is unsustainable. All our parameters set in place to cast boundaries on what God can and cannot do. It is ludicrous, to think in these terms.

To try to place limitations on God’s ability or willingness to do anything, based on our own limitations is to deny that there is a supreme being in the first place. Therefore, for the ‘realist’ and the ‘deist’ to have any argument that trumps the others is virtually impossible.

The realist positions their argument based on facts in evidence and what they can see and have experienced. There is literally nothing that can be accomplished outside of those things which they can prove by their own minds.

The deist says there is intelligent design, a creator and originator who wields immeasurable power and knowledge which is vast beyond our finite minds to even begin to comprehend. This deity can and has done things we lack the basic ability to conceptualize. There for there is absolutely nothing God can’t do; there isn’t anything he isn’t willing to do so long as it doesn’t violate his personal tenants.

This would be a futile formula for an unending back and forth between the two diametrically opposed positions, except for one irrevocable fact; both the deist and the realist will tell you in honesty that there is no way possible for us on either side of this argument, to say we know all there is to know. Besides this we cannot measure the potential of our position with any level of accuracy.  We simply don’t know what we don’t know!

It is impossible. The thing we learn from the performance history of science and medicine, is that we are on a constant grade where the further we go, the more we learn how much we really don’t know. The deist says, it is futile to consider what little we know about God fitting into our limited understanding, this leaves us in a position where we seek greater and greater understanding but the only point at which we will fully know is when we are in our eternal bodies before that supreme being when an amazing thing happens.

For now, we see in a mirror indirectly, but then we will see face to face. Now I know in part, but then I will know fully, just as I have been fully known.

1 Corinthians 13:12 (NET)

This passage which Paul penned, underscores his acknowledgement of God’s supreme knowledge and understanding. Right now, in our finite body, with our finite minds, we only can grasp small truths about who God is, his vast resources and abilities.

But when we shed these finite bodies, when we are adorned with perfect bodies, flawless and fitted with an unlimited capacity to understand, the final revelation in our quest to become one with the creator will be when we absorb his full and complete knowledge and as Paul states, we will know, just as we have been known.

If the realist wants to be honest, then the theory (not a fact) that an infinitely dense particle would defy the gravitational pull it has amassed, and in an instant explode with particles ripping loose from what is accepted to be something ‘infinitely dense’.
This explosion if it were even possible to take place in an infinitely dense state, would blossom from its source point outwardly with such a terrific force that there would be no opportunity for solar systems to form because their particles would be traveling so fast and at random rates they never would hold still long enough for what little gravity they have to draw in space dust to the extent that worlds form, and stars ignite.
The term infinitely dense defies anything from escaping, regardless of the intensity of the explosion. If it is infinitely dence, then nothing ever can escape.

One thing is reliable, that is that the prevailing direction of all things physical is to decay; not to assemble. If that leap isn’t enough to dampen the realist faith in no faith, they also propose that from this random assortment of dust and particles, that suddenly just the right conditions came ‘together’ to facilitate life. Not just once, but time after time generating various species.

Realist love to say that we were an accident, rarest of all accidents. If that is the case why is it our ooze is unique so as to generate live.  And as it generates life why is not all that life the same life? 

Every snow flake is unique and the one thing we can tell is that they all are snowflakes.

The deist says, God architected them that way.

I have to say that considering all this in my mind; it requires far more faith in random acts of unity causing everything we can see, touch, smell and hear; verses what it requires to lean back in the comfort of a Living God and say ‘he did it!’

In the Grace of Jesus!

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