I can’t do this anymore…

June 29th, 2019

The standard for the world is perfection.  The perfect ten is and image of perfection in the human form based on human standards of beauty and style.

We as Christians incorrectly accept this standard as our own. Interesting enough, God knows we are imperfect and waits for us to say the words, “I can’t do this anymore”, “I’m exhausted, I can’t go on” and “I will never be able to see this through”.


Because he wants to use our weakness for his glory. He wants us to understand that our trust must be fully vested in his ability to rescue us from impossible odds and see us through to the victory despite the odds. Because, undeniably it was his will that the victory be won in his name and not our own.

It is when we cry out in exasperation, “I can’t do this anymore!”; wraps his arms around us and whispers softly in our ear, “oooh but I can!”.

God is our strong refuge; he is truly our helper in times of trouble.

For this reason we do not fear when the earth shakes, and the mountains tumble into the depths of the sea, when its waves crash and foam, and the mountains shake before the surging sea. (Selah)

The riverʼs channels bring joy to the city of God, the special, holy dwelling place of the sovereign One. God lives within it, it cannot be moved. God rescues it at the break of dawn.

Psalms 46:1-5 (NET)

This passage in Psalms is extremely poetic. But don’t let the beauty of the text deter you from the depth of meaning behind this statement. “For this reason,” God hung the stars and put the earth spinning about the sun. “For this reason,” he separated the water from the land and then filled the earth with all sorts of nature and life. “For this reason,” he wasn’t satisfied to stop there he wanted our love, our companionship and our reliance on him.

The very dwelling place of God is us! His Spirit lives in each and every believer and he wishes to rescue us at the last possible moment.

If we understand this, why is it that we become frustrated and upset when we are put in a position where we cannot win? This is the point at which his glory is most manifested through us. WE CAN’T but he can, does, and will!

Next time you find yourself at the point where you’re ready to say, “I just can’t do this anymore!”; remember you are in in the “Perfect” position to become an instrument of God’s glory!

In the Grace of Jesus!

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