Goodbye Annie

November 6th, 2019

My heart is filled with grief tonight… My Annie drew her last breath and passed on with both Bel and I near her.

One who captured a space in our hearts and that feeling was mutual. She was loved and she loved us. She loved about anyone.

The kindness we produce in the care and nurturing of our pets has a profound side effect on us; more than we can imagine until the day they are gone.

I don’t know the eternal consequence for a loved pet, member of a home, household, and family. I would like to believe that as much as they become part of our being, that God preserves them just as He preserves us as His treasure.

I find nothing in scripture that tells me otherwise, but I also find nothing that tells me definitively that that is the case.

Our Annie is gone from us, but not from our hearts. Her love and affection will be with us till we cross over Jordan to that promised land on the other side of life’s river, where Jesus Himself will wipe away every tear; including the ones we shead tonight.

I found an article that wants me to believe that what i hope is true really is. I’ll share that with you here

For now Daddy’s GG you will always be my Good Girl, rest eternally free of pain. Daddy loves you!

Let me share an article I found online that may provide some perspective and comfort.

25 Encouraging Bible Verses for the Loss of a Pet

In His Grace!


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