The Beat Goes On

A Biographical Testimony of Steven Eaise

Beloved husband, father, friend and brother

Sunday morning brought the expected news via email, of something the church family at Crossbridge Community Church, knew would come to pass, short of a last hour miracle. Our dear Brother in the Lord and sweet friend Steven Eaise crossed the River Jordan to that City where the Lord is the Light and darkness never can infringe of His Glory. Continue reading “The Beat Goes On”

Kip (Ken Carter)

Kip Carter (Ken)
Kip Carter (Ken)

In the beginning
I was born into a loving family, to a mother and father that loved Jesus, each other, their family, and literally everyone they seemed to come in contact with. Sounds like the perfect situation to be a child growing up. It was! Perhaps just a bit too much so, as despite being well grounded in love and understanding, as I evolved into a young man and an adult I held no concept of the world or the evil in it. Continue reading “Kip (Ken Carter)”