Share Your Testimony

Every Christian has a testimony. This is a treasured witness to the power and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Share Yours!

You may not realize it but you do have a testimony to share if you’ve accepted Jesus as Lord of your life. You may not think of your story as being amazing but I assure you that someone somewhere can and will identify with what you’ve experienced.

And Jesus commands us to share His Gospel message. No easier way to do that than with your testimony.

Here’s how…

Three simple parts and one important note.

1. Tell about your life before Jesus came into it.

2. Share your salvation experience.

3. Explain what life with Christ in control has meant since giving your heart to the Lord.

Important Note: Include the Gospel of Jesus in your testimony. The fact that because of Love He came to be born of a virgin, lived among us with no sin, willingly gave his life on the cross to cleans us from sin, was buried and three days later arose to defeat sin and death forever by imparting His Grace and Forgiveness to all that will call to out to him and repent.

Special considerations

For certain reasons you may wish to not have your photo or your name associated with your testimony for privacy reasons. In order to accommodate those of you that find yourself in that position, simply note at the top of your testimony the name you want to use instead of your full name and if you would rather not have your photo displayed.


Please display this with the name Kenneth. I would prefer not to share my photo.


This would be listed with my first name and just a drawing representing a male.

You could choose to use a different name than your own as well. Even though my name is Kenneth I may choose to have my testimony listed a Bob, Follower, or Child of God.

While displaying your first and last name does send a clear message to your friends and neighbors of your personal experience with Jesus, the important part is to get your story out there so that those who might gain inspiration from your testimony can see it.

If you tell us not to post a picture of you we’ll place a drawing matching your gender in lieu of the image. Otherwise, we will follow up with you via email to request the photo you’d like to share with your testimony.

Sending it to us

Just fill out this form and submit your testimony here. We’ll follow it up with an email as we prepaid it to be posted to the testimony section of this website.

God Bless!

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